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An early Christmas gift..

Talk about an early Christmas gift.

I just found out that a song I co-produced and mastered is in a movie featuring Jessica Biel called "A Kind of Murder." The song is "I Don't Care" by Ray and The Darchaes.

This was one of the most challenging projects I've ever worked on. I took the original acapella song, which was recorded in the early 60's and taken from a very noisy acetate, and cleaned up and remastered the audio. Tommy Jones then sent over the instrumental parts piece by piece..Literally, piece by piece. I had to weave in every snare hit, piano clink, bass guitar note, etc., one by one. I then had to compress and EQ each instrument to match the sound of the acetate and make it sound authentic. After all of this came about a 10 hour mixing job and then another 5 hours of mastering. All together, this took about 40 hours of work to put together.

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