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An amazing show at Roxy and Duke's

Last night I was treated to an amazing show at Roxy and Duke's Roadhouse in Dunellen, NJ. Hosted by Charlie and Pam Horner of, this was a one of the best shows I've ever attended. If you've ever been to the U.G.H.A., that atmosphere was recreated last night, and it felt wonderful. The energy and the camaraderie were outstanding, and the music was magical.

Brooklyn Connection, a U.G.H.A. staple, opened up the show and tore the house down. The Chords were up next, and aside from offering us masterful deliveries of classic Chords songs like "Lulu" in acapella, they sang a few Ravens songs to utter perfection. The closing act, Gaynel Hodge and Quiet Storm, were too good for words, so I'll let the following video speak for them. I'll be publishing video of The Chords and Brooklyn Connection in the near future.

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